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Professional facilitation of meetings, workshops & conferences.

ProMeet. The professional and creative way to collaborate, communicate and learn. Online, or face-to-face, work-together better with award winning certified facilitation.

Now, more than ever before you need ways to engage your teams in online meetings to adapt to the new world we live in. We combine online platforms like Zoom, with digital whiteboards like Mural and processes like LEGO Serious Play to help keep your working-from-home team engaged.

Meeting facilitation

You're planning a meeting with about ten people. It’s important and you need it to make progress. Maybe people don’t participate well online, and you need new collective thinking.

We'll bring creativity, real engagement, and productivity back.

Workshop facilitation

You're organising a workshop. You need 20, 40 or 100+ participants to leave feeling energised, motivated and clear on what's going to happen next.

We design and facilitate participative workshops, online or F2F that deliver.

Conference facilitation

You want the hundreds of people at your conference to make new connections, learn and have a brilliant experience, leaving energised and feeling inspired.

Conferences can be, do and achieve more, even online.

Love outcomes.

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What you really want is an outcome, not a meeting. Contact Sean to discuss what you want to achieve and he'll help you use time working-together to get results.

Get outcomes. In customers words.

Evidently, ProMeet methods and tools helps all kinds of teams create impact and achieve outcomes.
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Learn to facilitate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certification from ProMeet sister company:

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