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LEGO® Serious Play®

At ProMeet we are facilitators of outcomes, (not 'just' LEGO® Serious Play facilitators). This means we are outcome driven and process / tool neutral.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a method that enables enhanced communication better, more memorable conversations and shared understanding. It's a powerful tool for building teams, developing strategy and creating advantage by understanding complex systems.
Your models help you communicate better and understand more. This is a 'remarkably adult way of working'.
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Adrian Crookes, (pictured) is a course leader at the London College of Communication. At the end of a ProMeet workshop, he reflected,

“I thought LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® was a remarkably adult way of getting together to discuss issues and problems”. Conversely meetings using post-it notes and flip charts seem to infantilise by comparison.”

We love this comment because it challenges the negative perceptions that inevitably arise with a process that contains the words “LEGO” and “Play”.
The benefits of using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
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Cultures where LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® thrives
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is based on beliefs about leadership and organizations:

• Leaders don’t have all the answers, success requires all voices.

• People want to contribute, participate and take ownership and allowing everyone to contribute creates a more sustainable businesses.

• Oral and written communication do not equate to shared understanding.

• We live in a complex and rapidly changing world. Exploring the system consequences of collective ambition and direction helps create better decisions.
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  • Presenting ideas to the whole group
  • Building a shared vision
  • The values needed to achieve our vision
  • Designing an ideal customer journey
  • Presenting final models in plenary
  • Detail from process model
ProMeet LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Case Studies
ProMeet has facilitated meetings, workshops and conferences that are based on or include elements of Lego Serious Play. The following case studies show it in use in different applications with different group sizes.
Future Learn

Team vision and behaviours

A detailed LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® team build case study. Building a stronger team. See this case study>

What does good team life look like?

A geographically dispersed team of programme managers seek to build a stronger sense of community. See this case study>
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Team of the future

A team Lloyds Bank explore how they might need to change to meet the bigger set of changes happening at the bank. See this case study>

Real Time Strategy

A three day senior executive workshop to explore ambition, direction, scenarios and strategy, followed by a board meeting to agree strategic priorities. See this case study>

Defining ambition & direction

A detailed LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® team build case study. A strategy workshop for trustees and senior executives. See this case study>

Building ingenuity

A departmental team build. See this case study>
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Team vision, values and behaviour workshop

A new team at IHG plan what their team will 'become famous' for, and identify the values and behaviours needed to succeed. See this case study>
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ExportJam. A user centred innovation workshop

UK Trade & Investment held 9 export 'Jam' workshops around the UK. These workshops looked at how the government might provide export support in the future. See this case study>
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Process design meeting

A University use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to explore a complex system. The aim: to discover what is and isn’t working and what can be done better. See this case study>
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Visioning workshop

The Professional Convention Management Association enhances the effectiveness of meeting planners through delivering innovative education. See this case study>

A manifesto for Manifesto

Manifesto is a rapidly growing digital agency. In its third year, the founders wanted the whole team to help create the new company manifesto. See this case study>
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A chapter leaders workshop

Meeting Professionals International is an association for meetings industry professionals. Once a year European Chapters leaders meet to learn, exchange and plan. See this case study>
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International conference

IMEX Frankfurt is the worldwide exhibition for incentives travel, meetings and events. Association day delivered expert input, networking and peer to peer learning. See this case study>
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National conference

The 'Next Generation Rail' conference, is for PhD students, young rail professionals and apprentices. The aim: to discover, showcase, network and learn. See this case study>
Curious? LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is best understood though experience. To experience an introductory Lego Serious Play session why not come to a MeetUp in London or contact Sean?


ProMeet has published a book that features in-depth case studies of five LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops, co-authored by ten facilitators from USA, China and Europe

Find out more at www.Serious.Global>
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