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What is Promeet?Professional Meeting Facilitation

A system to run effective meetings

ProMeet enables people in all kinds of meeting be focussed, productive and work-together effectively.

ProMeet is a research based set of ideas that works. The ideas underpinning ProMeet are:

Effective meetings have four phases

We ensure your meeting is productive, by planning for and facilitating participants through the blend of phases to suit your objectives, culture and context.
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1. Clarify
We work with you to establish clear meeting objectives, both overarching organisational objectives and specific meeting objectives.

We convert traditional 'agenda items' into a set of objectives.

Each objective uses an active verb, such as 'create', 'plan' or 'agree'.

Clear objectives imply the process by which participants will interact with the subject at hand.

For example, agreement objectives use agreement processes and so on.
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2. Design a
We plan and facilitate a sequence of engaging discussions, tasks or activities to ensure each meeting objective is met, in a lively and engaging way.

Clear meeting objectives imply the way people can address the subject at hand in the meeting.

There are many ways groups can agree, decide, create or plan.

We prepare a meeting plan with the processes that work best with the size and nature of the group in the time available.

A clear process helps keep participants attention focussed.
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3. Clarify
the actions
We clarify and capture the actions at every meeting. This creates cultures of accountability and enables participants to act and progress shared goals.

We think it's a good idea to review the actions captured from the previous meeting to acknowledge progress, and unblock anything stopping progress.

Learning about inaction or blocks to action is a helpful way to understand what is needed to create an action oriented culture.
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4. Learn and
Taking time to learn together creates trust, respect and growth. In a fast moving world, this practice helps keeps conversation relevant and teams healthy.

A brief period of learning at the end of a meeting is optional.

However organisations committed to learning can grow significantly by using the time working together to learn about working together.

Effective meetings are based on five principles

Whole hearted participation, focussed on clear objectives, using processes to harness energy and diversity, creates visible results and healthy respectful teams.
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These five principles of effective meetings help us plan and run excellent meetings, workshops or projects. You can use them too. Download our booklet - how to have great meetings to find out more.

ProMeet tools help the phases and principles work brilliantly

ProMeet tools help plan and deliver great meetings. They look simple and help focus attention on the same subject at the same time, succinctly gather views and create a record of ideas, plans, decisions, intended actions and team learning.

Download ProMeet
method cards from our blog.
Visible progress
ProMeet wallcharts help keep meetings on track, capturing ideas, planning and prioritising tasks and ensuring all views are recorded and shared.
Ideas recorded
Gridcards have a mighty power. There are ten things gridcards can do in your meetings.
ProMeet anywhere
You can install ProMeet in your meeting rooms. It's made to order so can include your company colours, logos or messages.
These ideas can apply to all kind of meeting, from four people in an hour's team meeting to many people in a multi day workshop or conference. See how they work in over twenty different kinds of meeting, workshop and conference, or call Sean to begin planning your meeting or workshop.
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