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10 reasons you'll love Slido

There are many audience interaction tools and technologies out there, but the one I think is the best (after having used a few) is Slido.

Let me share my 10 reasons why you should check out Slido next time you want to engage your audience.


1. Slido helps create
participatory meetings.

2. Participants report they
enjoy using Slido. EVERY time I use Slido at least one participant comes to tell me afterwards how much they enjoyed interacting.

3. Slido Polls are a great way to quickly
understand the headline opinions in the room.

4. Slido gathers
useful data.

Slido questions allow participants to ask questions when they arise (not just in the Q&A) and allow participants to ask difficult questions anonymously.

6. As a facilitator - Slido is easy to
set up before an event and use live during an event. No support needed.

7. As a participant the interface and UX is
simple and easy to use.

8. As a nerd, Slido is uses a
light weight browser, (not an app), pulls little data which means wi-fi/3G/4G networks are not hammered.

9. The team at Slido have worked hard and continue to do so to
constantly improve the product.

10. Above all else the Slido team are a pleasure to do business with, values driven people who believe audiences should have a voice and events should be participative.


For transparency I have not been made an ambassador for Slido but honestly if I were, I'd willingly take that role.

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