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Facilitation training and leadership development

We can give you and your team the skills and tools to run great meetings and workshops.

We deliver facilitation training, one to one, or in small groups to meet the specific needs of you and your organisation. Onsite executive development is a highly effective way of helping you quickly establish good practice.

Case Study: Thames Valley Housing

We trained the senior leadership team of Thames Valley Housing, listen to Jayne and Alex talk about their experience using ProMeet.
What Thames Valley Housing said...
“Sean is an unusual evangelist. An evangelist about *meetings* I thought this was just too weird until I saw him in action. He's awesome.

His underlying belief is that humans do great work when they come together. But somehow when that "coming together" takes the form of a "meeting" often goes wrong.

But he can help you fix that, so meetings become transformational for both organisations and participants.

Sean can facilitate meetings and workshops, but more significantly can pass on his techniques and tools so you learn to do it better yourself.

Pro-Meet has stood the test of time. Our best meetings are ones that stick to Pro-Meet principles and use the Pro-Meet tools.

Highly recommended. And that's from someone who started out as sceptic !”

Jayne Hilditch
Corporate Services Director

Read a case study of ProMeet in use at Thames Valley Housing

We give you the know-how to have good meetings.

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Simple to learn, easy to adopt.

We have trained CEO's, senior leadership teams and middle managers how to run better meetings. We've also trained people one to one, particularly other facilitators, who are welcome to adopt ProMeet tools and practices.

Call Sean to discuss your needs and we'll help you and your organisation run effective and professional meetings.
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