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9 Out Of 10 People Daydream In Meetings


Have you been in a meeting that felt like this? It could be time to consider a different approach.

In addition to 90% of people daydreaming in meetings, Dr Donald Wetmore, founder of the Productivity Institute provides these facts:

• 60% of meeting attendees take notes to appear as if they are listening

• Managers spend over 10 hours a week in meetings, and the majority say more than half that time is wasted

• 90% of managers attributed the failure of most meetings to "lack of advanced planning and organisation"

• And over three-quarters indicated that they “received no formal training on how to conduct a meeting”


What is really surprising is that these facts are not surprising. Historical precedent, the pervasiveness of poor meeting habits and the failure of leadership development to address this problem are the reasons that poor meetings take place and day dreaming happens. Bad meetings are a waste of time, money and vitality.

The photos above were all taken in real meetings by. Wow_hanep, Hexblock, Heinrock, Johnnysasaki, Markhillary, Stewart Johnson.

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