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A Facilitator Competency Framework


ProMeet is now a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

competency framework has six core competencies it expects certified facilitators to have to a high level.

1. Create Collaborative Client Relationships
2. Plan Appropriate Group Processes 
3. Create and Sustain a Participatory Environment
4. Guide Group to Appropriate and Useful Outcomes
5. Build and Maintain Professional Knowledge
6. Model Positive Professional Attitude

This detailed framework provides measures on every aspect of being a professional facilitator and offers those new to facilitation, as well as experienced facilitators a checklist of 73 different skills and practices to help plan ongoing professional development.

The IAF also have written a comprehensive
handbook of group facilitation, co-written by 50 experienced professionals, it covers almost every aspect planning and facilitating successful meetings and workshops, conferences and congresses.

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