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Move On. Move On!


Inspired by ProMeet user Jonathan Ling, Thames Valley Housing HR manager, we’ve made a new gridcard for you to try.

Sometimes some people take a long time to make or remake their point in a meeting. The consequences of which can be costly as others zone out, or the clock ticks on leaving little time to address important matters. Perhaps its time to Move On Move On?

Move On, Move On!
Used with respect, good grace and humour the idea of the MOMO card is as an attention direction device to help build individual and group awareness as well as keep things moving.


How to use MOMO
1. At the outset of a meeting introduce MOMO as a possible ground rule (you may have others too), and ask if participants are willing to try using MOMO in this meeting. Offer the use of MOMO a request or suggestion, not as a given and propose you try it in this meeting to learn about keeping meetings moving and on topic.


- Insist that it is used without malice, and frame MOMO as a way to help a good pace in the meeting and for participants know that their point has been made and they have been heard and understood.

- Suggest that if anyone has the urge to call MOMO, they try to call MOMO on behalf of everyone in the room, there is no point in moving on, if 90% of participants have not yet understood what is being said.

- Make it OK for any participant to challenge the use of a MOMO card, to say ‘actually I have not yet understood what Fred is trying to say’

- Suggest that if you get offered a MOMO card, it’s not making you wrong, only letting you know you’ve been heard.

2. Assuming participants are willing, you can give a MOMO card to each participant.

3. Get on with the meeting and see what happens

4. IMPORTANT. Make time at the end of the meeting to learn about MOMO. How was it for the meeting? How was it for individuals?

Used with care and respect ultimately MOMO feels like it could be a powerful learning tool, helping increase individual and collective responsibility for what happens when people meet.

If sometimes your meetings need to move on then try it and let us know.

Download the

Download the SUMO (Shut Up And Move On) CARD for groups that are comfortable being rude-with-humour.

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