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Wallchart And Gridcards - 100% Helpful


A report from the evaluation of ProMeet tools in use by a UK high street retailer.
Tools to help teams be more effective


I had the pleasure of facilitating a planning meeting for a high street retailer yesterday.

The overarching meeting objective was to create a detailed Q4 action plan.


And the ‘agenda’ took the form of seven specific meeting objectives:

1. To prioritise the operations team objectives - from those vital to the year end targets to those ideal to support the year end targets

2. To identify any missing and vital objectives

3. To action plan the vital objectives

4. To action plan the important objectives

5. To identify any organisation wide dependencies and identify requests and suggestions to other parts of the company

6. To learn about continuous improvement

7. To evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting

Having not worked with a chain of shops in the run up to Christmas before I was struck by how busy the ‘golden quarter’ is for retailers, and just how hard the guys at HQ, and in-store need to work to create brand experiences for customers and strive to meet targets.

I’d wager a few weary souls might not make it to the end of their Christmas party. ZZzzzz.

They are going to be busy.

Evaluation of ProMeet tools

The end-of-meeting evaluation asked participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting.

Question 6 asked people to assess the use of a wallchart and gridcards.


Participant comments are a concise validation of the helpfulness of these tools.

“I liked seeing it all mapped out on the wall.”

“Good to be able to look back and think over earlier observations.”

“Sets out a clear process.”

“Great visual aid.”

“Ensure everyone participated and had a say.”

“Can refer back to it at any point.”

“Could see all the points made throughout the meeting.”

“Encourage across the board communications.”

“Short, concise, very visual. Motivational to see all ideas & collaborative input.”

Why so helpful?

The visual nature of these tools could be one of the reasons people find them so helpful. Generally in meetings peoples visual attention could be placed pretty much anywhere. Certainly it’s unlikely that everyone will be focussed on the same thing at the same time.

At several points in this meeting I asked participants to stand in front of the wallchart, evaluate different data sets and make choices about priorities.


The group had every individual view written on gridcards and mapped on the wallchart to refer back too, to help them decide which of many positions was the most important.

Using sticky dots to express individual views quickly helped the group agree, without lengthy debate, which 6 of the 20 team objectives were most important to achieve fully.

This process then allowed the group to spend the majority of the meeting time action planning, which they completed very thoroughly indeed.

And kind words from the meeting sponsor

“ProMeet is an extremely effective meeting system that enabled us to get straight to the point and action plan key objectives to deliver our strategic plan.

Sean’s facilitation was second to none; he was certain to understand about our company and values and tailored his approach in exactly the right way.

Sean is professional, courteous and was totally dedicated to helping get the results we wanted from the meeting.
For anyone who wants to get the most out of their meetings I highly recommend working with Sean.”

Cecily Mills
Oliver Bonas

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