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How To Create A 10 Year Roadmap And Intervention Plan


Yesterday ProMeet facilitated a workshop, at Sadler’s Wells for 24 leaders of the UK Hydrogen Fuel Cell sector. The aim: to create a 10 year roadmap for the sector.
The project is being led by Liz Flint, the Technology Strategy Board Lead Technologist for energy generation and supply, and the workshop had participants from all over the UK.

In a productive workshop, driven by the overarching objective:
“To strengthen and grow the UK hydrogen fuel cell sector” participants worked hard, by close of the session, together they had:

Drafted a 10 year vision.

Considered the risks and opportunities of horizon issues.

Agreed the biggest sector specific challenges and opportunities.

Worked together to identify ideas for interventions to help move the sector forwards.

Drafted 23 outline intervention plans.

Collectively created an outline roadmap and plan.




Many planning and strategy ProMeetings use our wallchart and gridcard system to progress the meeting, capture every point from every person and make a record of the key ideas, actions and learnings from the meeting.


We also recorded and animated the key points in a strategic illustration with the great skill provided by David Vignolli.


Here is how it looked at the end of the day, (or see a big one).


And again, after the intervention plan was added in post production.


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