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The Truth About ProMeet

“Sean has transformed the way I am approaching a new piece of work - helping the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sector to develop a vision and roadmap for the next 10 years.

Sean expertly facilitated the first workshop we held with the sector, but his role and influence reach much deeper than that. His supportive approach and skilful questioning were essential in pushing me to think more deeply and creatively about the outcomes I hoped to achieve, and he brought lots of great ideas to our discussions about how we might achieve those outcomes.

Sean is clear thinking, creative, energising, supportive and great fun to work with. His focus on enabling change rather than 'just' facilitating a workshop is really refreshing, and the Promeet tools he has developed both help to ensure clarity, and to ensure that the outputs of an event are professionally captured and disseminated.”

May 1, 2014, Elizabeth was Sean's client

You can read more about this project here.

Thanks Liz for those very kind words, also on
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